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[Release] Custom Patches

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Hello, and thank you for viewing this thread!

A couple years ago, I decided to release a little project I had been working on that would essentially merge some great patches together as well as add some in to benefit the community for Wrath 3.3.5a. This project ended up successful, but not as successful as I had intended (because there were bugs/glitches/ etc. and it wasn't ever updated). On top of that, about 90% of the content was created by other modders from the community and I couldn't call it my own. Lastly, there were 5 patches spread out, 2 or 3 in which were locked so that it couldn't be modified or edited. I stopped modding for about a year or so because I was really bored with WoW and modding in general.

Today that's changed.

Today, I'm introducing a redefined version of the previous project, but better. I've fixed the reported bugs/glitches and it's updated with more content. I can finally say that 90% of this project was created by me, 2.5% goes to henslock8 of ac-web, 2.5% goes to EnhReezznniikk of ownedcore, and the rest of it I was helped out by philippovitch in which would've taken me much longer had he not let me use bits and pieces of some of his releases. 

So, without further ado, here it is:


This patch consists of Warlords of Draenor, Mists of Pandaria, Cataclysm content including: All Items from patch 6.2.3 and below to Wrath 3.3.5a, including particles/skins/blp's/etc. It also has all creatures from patch 6.2.3 down to Wrath 3.3.5a, including their particles/skins/blps/etc. With a big thanks to Philippovitch, I've included 6.2.3 and below mounts to the patch as well. Also, all of the creature textures have been brought down as well to Wrath. That means that new nameplates for NPC's, and new looks overall. I've updated the Factiontemplate.dbc so that all Factions from Legion are downported to Wrath 3.3.5a. There's also the ability to use any class with any race when creating a new character (eg. human hunter). The ocean/any water really has also been downported to look more HD (like how you see it in newer expansions). Pandaria and the newer Outlands from Warlords of Draenor have also been added (with game_tele's, minimaps, and regular map). You can also go to any Battleground/Arena that has been added since Warlords of Draenor (Temple of Kotmogu,Twin Peaks, etc. but they aren't scripted). 

The SQL Files added are: All Races & Classes, creature_model_info, creature_template, game_tele, item_template. All of these SQL Files are "INSERT IGNORE INTO" files, so they will not overwrite your existing data! If you don't like that it's an "INSERT IGNORE INTO", then download/open up notepad++ and replace all with just "INSERT INTO" and you'll be fine Either way, it won't make a difference if you're just inserting all of the data.. They are all updated to fit the latest TrinityCore Rev.

There are numerous DBC files added, so I won't even begin to start off what they are and what they do, you could just download them and see for yourself. 

The patch is a heavy 23GB of data on your hard disk! Mostly from the maps downported.. 

Credits go to the following people: 
and 90% of myself!


Windpeak: .go xyz -5250.299805 3818.719971 6.903310 0
Reznik Island: .go xyz 2331.739990 -4537.899902 60.115490 606
Draenor (because you can't find it on the map): .tele Draenor


patch-a.MPQ : It will be a folder patch. It's 23gb so it can't be a compressed .MPQ file. 
SQL+DBC Files_Updated (June 2017)
wow.exe: In case you can't load folder patches, this will enable you to use folder patches in WoW.

***NOTICE*** in order to create new characters without receiving a "MAX_Races" error, it is REQUIRED you make sure to add the DBC files into your server AND patch-a.MPQ folder.. Delete "ChrRaces.dbc" in the DBFilesClient folder in patch-a.MPQ. This was a bug I caught at the last second and said screw it I'm not re-archiving the patch and reuploading it. 

Also note that when you try to add an npc in game (eg: .npc add 44987) you'll notice that some creatures that are in newer expansions will not show up. This is because Blizzard keeps changing the way their dbc/db2 files work and the newer versions of their dbc/db2 files don't have the same data/values as their previous. The npc's that show up as "boxes" could have missing strings, in which when the wrath dbc parser reads it,
it can't find the creature because of the missing strings. This isn't with EVERY creature from newer expansions, but with the ones that don't have strings possibly. You can see what I mean by opening "creaturedisplayinfo.dbc" 

Lastly, beware that going to the newer maps gives you a possibility of a client crash since downporting newer maps to Wrath 3.3.5a is not 100% stable. In fact, flying in mostly Pandaria will guarantee a crash if you fly in certain spots. It's not an error on my end, that's just how downporting is with maps.

I'm currently working on ChrRaces.dbc to fix client crashing / not being able to make characters issue..

If there are any questions, lemme know!

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