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Community Source [3.3.5] [Eluna] - Updated Daily - Latest Eluna Trinity/TBD59

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Community Source

The basic source structure for every server needs, the source is daily updated to provide the right structure and support for your server.

The source is the latest Trinitycore.


  • 1v1 Arena
  • Crossfaction Battlegrounds
  • Transmogrification
  • Eluna
  • Custom rate command
  • World chat with Icons
  • Arena crystal (faster start)
  • Reset on duel
  • Arena Ladder
  • Arena spectator
  • MultiVendor
  • Flood protection
  • Passive Anti-cheat
  • Kill Streak
  • Guild Housing
  • Login Announcer
  • Professions
  • Phase duel
  • Playertools
  • Template NPC (Same as Arena tournament; allows player click their spec and automatically does talent, gear and glyphs for them)
  • 3v3 Soloqueue - Same as Arena tournament
  • GoMove
  • Dementia - Anti Draw system in arena, same as arena tournament.
  • And alot more!

I hope you enjoy Community source - Please give me your feed back as this powers my motivation to continue develop the source.

Thank you.


How to Install


  1. Compile the source as you normally would.
  2. Once your compiled the source head over to: 335source\sql - You will see [TDB_full_335.59_2015_07_14] This is the latest TrinitycoreTBD, run the world database. Then do the same in: 335source\sql\base and run auth and character database
  3. Once you installed the three databases, go into 335source\sql\updates and run the updates in auth,character and world.
  4. Then once you updated your world database, go into: 335source\src\server\scripts\Custom\All In One SQL's
  5. Run the sqls into the correct database.
  6. Done! You're good to go

Rochet 2: Transmog, Eluna and Multivendor Support
LordPsyan: Crossfaction, 1v1, Custom rates, Arena Crystal, Arena Template, Guildhousing
Flameshot: Arena Spectator
Quadral: Merge the scripts and compiled the core, world chat.
NatureKnight: 3v3 soloqueue, arena ladder, dementia
Virus: Enchant npc, indentation/tab2space

Note:I do not supply my own auth, character and world database - The sqls are located custom script folder to import into your character database and world. Have fun!

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