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      User support   07/09/17

      If you do not wish to register on the forum, you can always write on support@wowlegions.ru
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      Minimum server requirements   07/27/17

      System Requirements Apache 2.4.12 or higher PHP Version 7.0.21 or higher MySQL 5.6 or higher Modules for PHP   curl PDO drivers ionCube PHP Loader Should be included - RewriteEngine
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Division of site into 2 branches

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After thousands of problems, it was decided to make 2 separate branches. 

1 - the main branch ( 6.2 - 7.3 )
2 - secondary ( 3.3.5 - 5.4.8 )

Bunch of problems with the database, work with Armory version of Draenor and above can not. This will be created specifically for this base of clothing and other things.

Demo - 6.2 - 7.3 branch

Demo - 3.3.5 - 5.4.8  branch

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