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Wowhead Style Database

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Item Finder (**) - Shows from where you can get a specific item
NPC Finder (**) - Shows the exact location on the map of any NPC ingame, plus detailed info about it
Object Finder (**) - Shows the exact location on the map of any object ingame
Spells - Shows spells basic info and comprehensive mechanics
Quest Helper - Shows where to start/end a quest and what quest chains need to be done
Zone finder - Shows all spawns for a specific zone
Factions - Shows all factions and info about them
Currencies - Shows all currencies from game and what to do with them
Titles (**) - Shows all titles from game and where you can obtain them
Achievements - Shows various informations about achievements, including number of players that completed them
World events (**) - Shows all world events and correspoding creatures, quests, items, etc

(**) - Higher Priority if added

Prime example https://www.wow-freakz.com/database.php

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Achievements, Items, Mounts, Companions etc are standard with armory..

But like a search Engine for everyhting else.

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