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TrinityCore 7.2.5 (24461) with extras!

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I've looked at the latest Trinity 7.2.5 24461 and made it a repack.
I did not like them because some basic things do not go.
To make them easy to play I have 2 important things fixed.


1. Pandaren faction selection written and inserted.

2. Core / Player: fixcrash in Legion & WoD Scenario locations. This means that the scenarios are now treated as dungeons (instances).
If you have the coordinates you can reinporten there without the server Crascht.


Example: Enter as GM in the chat

.go xyz 84.3099 1942.78 14 1460
.go xyz 301.491 7320.21 149.96 1461
.go xyz 577.7621 -2459.259 96.08557 1277 / map 1653

This repack includes everything ORIGINAL TRINITY.
I (we) have not done anything on the database (quest, professions, npc, etc.).
Who understands what databases and understands with Trinity knows can make from this repack what.
It is a 32 bit repack.
If you need the maps, you have to unzip them to the "Data" directory in the core.
The MYSQLPORT at this repack is 3307 login is root / ascent
A WoW Admin account is also available:
Login: admin@admin.de
Password: admin


Klick Server & Core
Klick Maps
Klick MMaps
Klick VMaps
Klick Tool ( WoW, Patcher, Mapextraktor )


MfG Nuppi & Bully

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