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Legion Demon Hunter Class Scripts

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I am releasing spell scripts for the Demon Hunter to the community. These scripts were made by me(cronic). If you post any non-working demon hunter spells I will fix it and update the thread! 

I'm also looking to join a Legion development team/ server , post or pm me if your interested in me!

Fixed Spells/Talents:
[Talent] Felblade - No issues, seems to work blizzlike.
[Talent] Bloodlet - No issues.
[Talent] Prepared - No issues.

https://pastebin.com/ti1icyb6 - (Felblade Talent)
https://pastebin.com/8d5eip9d - (Prepared Talent)
https://pastebin.com/0kKsJqA1 - (Bloodlet Talent)

How To Add To Server
1.Copy everything in the pastebin (raw) then open your solution visual studio up and navigate to Scripts -> Spells -> spell_dh.cpp

2. Paste the code BEFORE AddSC_demon_hunter_spell_scripts().

3. Add the following below after AddSC_demon_hunter_spell_scripts()

new spell_dh_felblade();
new spell_dh_prepared();
new spell_dh_bloodlet();


4. It should look like this when your done

void AddSC_demon_hunter_spell_scripts()
	new spell_dh_bloodlet();
	new spell_dh_prepared();
	new spell_dh_felblade();


5. Execute the following querys in your Database

INSERT INTO `spell_script_names` (`spell_id`, `ScriptName`) VALUES ('185123', 'spell_dh_bloodlet');
INSERT INTO `spell_script_names` (`spell_id`, `ScriptName`) VALUES ('198793', 'spell_dh_prepared');
INSERT INTO `spell_script_names` (`spell_id`, `ScriptName`) VALUES ('232893', 'spell_dh_felblade');


6. Your done! Enjoy the scripts!

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