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Creature/Item Template reload!

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I've looked around and I haven't found a script for this so I decided I might as well share since this is very use full to a new server that is starting up.

Note: This may cause crashing. It has not cause one yet for me. But it does lag when you use it for a quick second. You must also ADD this to the original script.

Go into your core folder->src->Server->scripts->Commands, and find cs_reload.cpp.


class reload_commandscript : public CommandScript
    reload_commandscript() : CommandScript("reload_commandscript") { }

    ChatCommand* GetCommands() const
        static ChatCommand reloadAllCommandTable[] =
			+{ "starter",    SEC_ADMINISTRATOR,  true,  &HandleReloadAllStarterCommand,	  "", NULL },

        static ChatCommand reloadCommandTable[] =
           			+{ "full_creaturetemplate",		  SEC_ADMINISTRATOR, true,  &HandleReloadFullCreatureTemplateCommand,		"", NULL },
           			+{ "item_template",				  SEC_ADMINISTRATOR, true,  &HandleReloadItemTemplateCommand,				"", NULL },

+static bool HandleReloadStarterCommand(ChatHandler* handler, const char* /*args*/)
		HandleReloadItemTemplateCommand(handler, "a");
		HandleReloadFullCreatureTemplateCommand(handler, "a");
		return true;
    + static bool HandleReloadItemTemplateCommand(ChatHandler* handler, const char* /*args*/)
	    sLog->outString("Reloading Item_template..");
        handler->SendGlobalGMSysMessage("Item_template has been reloaded!");
        return true;

	+ static bool HandleReloadFullCreatureTemplateCommand(ChatHandler* handler, const char* /*args*/)
	    sLog->outString("Reloading Creature_template..");
        handler->SendGlobalGMSysMessage("Creature_template has been reloaded!");
        return true;


void AddSC_reload_commandscript()
    new reload_commandscript();

Extra: When editing creature's/Items you must delete your cache before seeing the new stats. With the creature reload if you make a new creature you can immediately spawn it once reloaded.

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