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  1. Wowhead Style Database

    Achievements, Items, Mounts, Companions etc are standard with armory.. But like a search Engine for everyhting else.
  2. Item Finder (**) - Shows from where you can get a specific item NPC Finder (**) - Shows the exact location on the map of any NPC ingame, plus detailed info about it Object Finder (**) - Shows the exact location on the map of any object ingame Spells - Shows spells basic info and comprehensive mechanics Quest Helper - Shows where to start/end a quest and what quest chains need to be done Zone finder - Shows all spawns for a specific zone Factions - Shows all factions and info about them Currencies - Shows all currencies from game and what to do with them Titles (**) - Shows all titles from game and where you can obtain them Achievements - Shows various informations about achievements, including number of players that completed them World events (**) - Shows all world events and correspoding creatures, quests, items, etc (**) - Higher Priority if added Prime example https://www.wow-freakz.com/database.php
  3. WowLegions - Content management system

    This site is a great for its stage in development. I look forward to future updates. Этот сайт отлично подходит для своего этапа в развитии. Я с нетерпением жду будущих обновлений.
  4. Support.Suggestions This features Uses "gm_suggestion" Table in Character Database Support.Complaints This features Uses "gm_complaint" Table in Character Database Support.Bugs This features Uses "gm_bug" Table in Character Database Support.Tickets Tickets not currently functional on Legioncores
  5. Terms of use

    A terms of use that either pops up when you first visit the server... or one before you go to the homepage.
  6. http://web.archive.org/ helps me when translating from russian. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/ (English EU - In search box) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/ (English US - In search box) you can also do it for most other countries.. Account settings however are restricted as its only an archive of the old design.
  7. Change of Faction Change Name Change of Race Guild Services Chance of Character (appearance) Realm Transfer Free Realm Transfer (If enabled by staff) Token Log (For Account) The reason token log is good because you buy something from the store and forget to add the token or lose it in a crash...the log will tell the owner that if the token was redeemed or not also allowing them to recover it.
  8. Own images

    ability to add your own news and slider images. also on other features
  9. whos online

    whos online displays errors..i cannot find the code.
  10. Error when making forum

    A PHP Error was encountered Severity: 8 Message: Undefined index: Filename: D:\wamp64\www\app\models\Forum.php Line Number: 78
  11. Registration dose not function

    A PHP Error was encountered Severity: 8 Message: Undefined offset: 0 Filename: D:\wamp64\www\app\models\User.php Line Number: 149
  12. A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Exception Message: Class 'vendor\libs\Session' not found Filename: D:\wamp64\www\app\models\Register.php Line Number: 78
  13. Pet Section

    Pet section dose not display in shop. Item_type: 1
  14. Wishes For New Version

    When i activated my Second Account on my server i used one for GM and One For Standard play.
  15. Wishes For New Version

    it pretty much allows Alt accounts.. Image is of my blizzard account Also english translation completed for next update its irrotating not understanding what your doing

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