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  1. DrakeTeam Warlords of Draenor 6.2.4 V3

    A shame because WOD is currently the best playable.
  2. DrakeTeam Warlords of Draenor 6.2.4 V3

    Is there an account website with donate and vote shop for this version?
  3. Sorry with their description I can do nothing. I will use another site which is easier for me to understand.
  4. Hello I can not use the new version I have the 1.6 which works well. Would like to use this fix. ( With version 1.6.1 fix) What should I do with the file? Where should they be copied?
  5. ohh We use on root - server IIS 7 then it will not go there either Have unfortunately little idea of PHP or HTML code
  6. I am testing the website unfortunately I get error. In the 1.6 version works alls only not at 1.6.3
  7. I've looked at the latest Trinity 7.2.5 24461 and made it a repack. I did not like them because some basic things do not go. To make them easy to play I have 2 important things fixed. 1. Pandaren faction selection written and inserted. 2. Core / Player: fixcrash in Legion & WoD Scenario locations. This means that the scenarios are now treated as dungeons (instances). If you have the coordinates you can reinporten there without the server Crascht. Example: Enter as GM in the chat .go xyz 84.3099 1942.78 14 1460 .go xyz 301.491 7320.21 149.96 1461 .go xyz 577.7621 -2459.259 96.08557 1277 / map 1653 This repack includes everything ORIGINAL TRINITY. I (we) have not done anything on the database (quest, professions, npc, etc.). Who understands what databases and understands with Trinity knows can make from this repack what. It is a 32 bit repack. If you need the maps, you have to unzip them to the "Data" directory in the core. The MYSQLPORT at this repack is 3307 login is root / ascent A WoW Admin account is also available: Login: admin@admin.de Password: admin Klick Server & Core Klick Maps Klick MMaps Klick VMaps Klick Tool ( WoW, Patcher, Mapextraktor ) MfG Nuppi & Bully
  8. Here is my C ++ for the Pandaren faction selection. It is installed in /src/server/scripts/World/npcs_special.cpp #define GOSSIP_TEXT_EXP 14736 #define GOSSIP_CHOOSE_FACTION "I would like to join the horde" #define GOSSIP_CHOOSE_FACTION2 "I would like to join the alliance" class npc_Spirit_of_Master_Shang_Xi : public CreatureScript { public: npc_Spirit_of_Master_Shang_Xi() : CreatureScript("npc_Spirit_of_Master_Shang_Xi") { } bool OnGossipHello(Player* player, Creature* creature) { if (creature->IsQuestGiver()) player->PrepareQuestMenu(creature->GetGUID()); if (player->getRace() == RACE_PANDAREN_NEUTRAL) { if (player->GetQuestStatus(31450) == QUEST_STATUS_INCOMPLETE) { AddGossipItemFor(player, GOSSIP_ICON_CHAT, GOSSIP_CHOOSE_FACTION, GOSSIP_SENDER_MAIN, GOSSIP_ACTION_INFO_DEF + 1); AddGossipItemFor(player, GOSSIP_ICON_CHAT, GOSSIP_CHOOSE_FACTION2, GOSSIP_SENDER_MAIN, GOSSIP_ACTION_INFO_DEF + 2); } } player->PlayerTalkClass->SendGossipMenu(GOSSIP_TEXT_EXP, creature->GetGUID()); return true; } bool OnGossipSelect(Player* player, Creature* /*creature*/, uint32 /*sender*/, uint32 action) { if (action == GOSSIP_ACTION_INFO_DEF + 1) { player->SetByteValue(UNIT_FIELD_BYTES_0, 0, RACE_PANDAREN_HORDE); player->setFactionForRace(RACE_PANDAREN_HORDE); player->SaveToDB(); WorldLocation location(1, 1357.62f, -4373.55f, 26.13f, 0.13f); player->TeleportTo(location); player->SetHomebind(location, 363); player->LearnSpell(668, false); // Language Common player->LearnSpell(108127, false); // Language Pandaren player->KilledMonsterCredit(64594); } if (action == GOSSIP_ACTION_INFO_DEF + 2) { player->SetByteValue(UNIT_FIELD_BYTES_0, 0, RACE_PANDAREN_ALLIANCE); player->setFactionForRace(RACE_PANDAREN_ALLIANCE); player->SaveToDB(); WorldLocation location(0, -8960.02f, 516.10f, 96.36f, 0.67f); player->TeleportTo(location); player->SetHomebind(location, 9); player->LearnSpell(668, false); // Language Common player->LearnSpell(108127, false); // Language Pandaren player->KilledMonsterCredit(64594); } player->PlayerTalkClass->SendCloseGossip(); return true; } }; void AddSC_npcs_special() { new npc_Spirit_of_Master_Shang_Xi(); }
  9. Very nice legion site. Is still much work

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