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  1. Incompatible with Fusion CMS

    even after installing xampp with php 7.0.26 , still unable to install ioncube..
  2. Incompatible with Fusion CMS

    have installed even fresh xampp(removed fusion CMS in it) with Apache 2.4.29, PHP 7.1.12 and seem unable to install ioncube .. [ionCube Loader] zend_extension = "C:\xampp1\php\ext\ioncube_loader_win_7.1.dll" dlls are there but fails used ionCube Loader Wizard but still fails damn. Wish it had no messy ioncube at all. don't know what is the use of it.. just like Fusion CMS asks for license key during registration similarly this website could also ask license during install
  3. Hello there, I am using Fusion CMS for my main website for my wotlk realm, and i want to add there inside htdocs simply a "Legion" folder with this website but I can't make it work. It seems ioncube messes up php.ini deactivating soap and some other things, making apache crash and fusion cms can't work with it.. i'm simply using good old xampp with PHP Version 7.0.18 Can I get website without that nasty ioncube enrcyption or whatever if i send you my license details? Or maybe I can do something else to solve this problem? there is not much info or FAQ about this wowlegions and troubleshooting, so I don't know what to do I can't use it like this at all since i must keep my main fusion cms website going and this just as an addition for legion realm

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