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  1. Просмотр файла WowLegions - Content management system v.2 What is already implemented Site News system Comment system Block "new forum topics" Shop Categories The Addition of the product The Purchase of the product Personal account: Registration Authorization Password change Change e-mail Balance Balance replenishment Order history Using code Top up your balance with PayPal Forum Creating a theme Response to the topic To edit the message Pinned topics Closed topics Like the topic Link Legion Demo Old Demo GitHub Legion GitHub Old issues Legion issues Old Server Requirements PHP >= 7.1.3 MySQL >= 5.7.23 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension JSON PHP Extension Information on installation To upload files to the server To load the database dump of the site Open your website in a browser and follow the instructions Добавил TheRock Добавлено 17.06.2018 Категория Website
  2. WowLegions - Content management system v.2

  3. WowLegions - Content management system v.2

    You can buy it
  4. WowLegions - Content management system v.2

    The project is no longer for the public
  5. Просмотр файла WowLegions - Content management system Basic information Supported server version TrinityCore 7.x - Full Support TrinityCore 6.x - Full Support ( Not tested ) System Requirements Apache 2.4.12 or higher PHP Version 7.0.21 or higher MySQL 5.6 or higher Modules for PHP curl PDO drivers ionCube PHP Loader Should be included - RewriteEngine Installation instructions To upload files to the server Browse - site.ru/install.php
  6. WowLegions - Content management system v.2

    Server Requirements PHP >= 7.1.3 MySQL >= 5.7.23 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension JSON PHP Extension
  7. WowLegions - Content management system v.2

    Minimum MySQL version: 5.6.39-83.1
  8. WowLegions - Content management system v.2

    MySQL version ???
  9. WowLegions - Content management system v.2

    What is your MySQL version
  10. WowLegions - Content management system v.2

    Email me your domain, I'll check out what you can do about it.
  11. WowLegions - Content management system v.2

    Please download the new version. https://github.com/anonymous33rus/wowlegions
  12. [PSD]WowLegions - PSD

    Просмотр файла WowLegions - PSD PSD Добавил TheRock Добавлено 20.06.2018 Категория PSD  
  13. WowLegions - PSD

    Version 1.0.0




  14. Version 2.1.1


    What is already implemented Registration Authorization Themes creation Answers to topics Multilingual ( The website is not translated ) The personal account page View demo here GitHub issues Server Requirements PHP >= 7.1.3 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension JSON PHP Extension Information on installation To upload files to the server To configure the database connection in the file - .env To load the database dump of the site


  15. I started working on a new tool a few weeks ago and after a couple of successful tests, today I decided to release it as a beta version. Note: This is for windows only.Note2: It's working fine with TrinityCore Legion 7.3.5. I haven't tested on other builds.Note3: I haven't released the source code. If you have the executable, you have the source code. *wink*Note4: Keep in mind that this is not perfect, because trinitycore developers are not updating the wiki page. For some flags,columns more research is needed. If you can help me to identify those faulty things, I will gladly fix them, even faster. DownloadUseful Sql files: https://github.com/mindsear/Mindsear...ree/master/sql Version 2.8https://github.com/mindsear/Mindsear...eases/tag/v2.8Changelog:• Completely re-written all "Flags" forms. Now it shouldn't mess up checked boxes.• Added Smart Scripts Version 2.7.1https://github.com/mindsear/Mindsear...ses/tag/v2.7.1 Version 2.7 for TrinityCore 7.3.5https://github.com/mindsear/Mindsear...eases/tag/v2.7 Version 2.6https://github.com/mindsear/Mindsear...eases/tag/v2.6 Version 2.5https://github.com/mindsear/Mindsear...eases/tag/v2.5 Version 2.1https://github.com/mindsear/Mindsear...eases/tag/v2.1 Version 2.0https://github.com/mindsear/Mindsear...eases/tag/v2.0 Version 1.0 Betahttps://github.com/mindsear/Mindsear...eases/tag/v1.0 In order to successfully run this application you need the following:1) Windows machine (7, 8, 8.1 or 10)2) .Net Framework 4.5.2 -> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/down....aspx?id=426423) MySql Server containing your TrinityCore Legion Databases Features● Save as sql.● Save the session you're currently working. That means it will create a file (SavedSession.txt) if it doesn't exist and will save your changes like item id, name, description, everything. And you can retrieve it anytime if you still have the text file.● Change theme color (you can choose between a couple of colors for now).● Save Item Icon or you can copy its link by right clicking on it.● Execute the query directly into your database. ScreenshotsCustom Weapon made with this tool (Updated) If you find bugs or have a suggestion please head over to my github repository, issues tab, and post a new issue.https://github.com/mindsear/Mindsear...Creator/issues
  16. Hello, It was a long time since V2 was released, now It's time for V3 and later in december (hint, hint xmas) V4 will release! No doubble spawns this time, DB is not a mess. Anyhow Enjoy this release!What's Working?Spells & Talents:Most of them are working, but theres still alot to be fixed. (again)Classic Dungeons:Blackfathom Deeps – Working Blackrock Depths – Working Blackrock Mountain – Working Dire Maul – Working Gnomeregan – Working Lower Blackrock Spire – Working Maraudon – Working Ragefire Chasm – Working Razorfen Downs – Working Razorfen Kraul – Working Scarlet Halls – Working Scarlet Monastery – Working Scholomance – Working Shadowfang Keep – Working Stratholme – Working Sunken Temple – Working The Deadmines – Working The Stockade – Working Uldaman – Working Upper Blackrock Spire – Working Wailing Caverns – Working Zul'Farrak – WorkingBurning Crusade Dungeons:Auchenai Crypts – Working Hellfire Ramparts – Working Magister's Terrace – Working Mana-Tombs – Working Old Hillsbrad Foothills – Working Sethekk Halls – Working Shadow Labyrinth – Working The Arcatraz - Working The Black Morass - Working The Blood Furnace – Working The Botanica - Working The Mechanar – Working The Shattered Halls – Working The Slave Pens - Working The Steamvault - Working The Underbog - Working Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons:Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom – Working Azjol-Nerub – Working Drak'Tharon Keep – Working Gundrak – Working Halls of Lightning – Working Halls of Reflection - Working Halls of Stone – Working Pit of Saron – Working The Forge of Souls – Working The Nexus – Working The Oculus – Working The Violet Hold – Working Trial of the Champion – Not Available Utgarde Keep – Working Utgarde Pinnacle – WorkingCataclysm Dungeons:Blackrock Caverns – Working End Time – Working Grim Batol – Working Halls of Origination – Working Hour of Twilight – Working Lost City of the Tol'vir – Working Shadowfang Keep – Working The Deadmines – Working The Stonecore – Working The Vortex Pinnacle – Working Throne of the Tides – Working Well of Eternity – Working Zul'Aman – Working Zul'Gurub – Working Mists of Pandaria Dungeons:Gate of the Setting Sun – Working Mogu'Shan Palace – Working Scarlet Halls – Working Siege of Niuzao Temple – Working Stormstout Brewery – Working Temple of the Jade Serpent – WorkingWarlords of Draenor Dungeons:Not Fully Spawned, will come in Version 4Battlegrounds & Arenas:Most of them should be working.World Content:Warlords of Draenor World Bosses Working.Draenor:Shadowmoon Valley: factions corrected & spawned & rare mobs loot added.General & Misc Content:Draenor almost fully spawned & faction & lvl corrected, and populated! Enchanting Fully Works. Trinket Procs Works. Transmogrification Works. Trade Works. Inspect Works. Duel Works. Auction House Works. Black Market Works. Achievements Fully Working. Professions Working. Quests 1-85 working and stable, 85-100 still buggy and some might be missing, but should work.ACCOUNT:Username: admin@adminPassword: adminDOWNLOADS:Client: CLICK HEREServer Files: CLICK HEREPICTURES COMING SOON.
  17. DrakeTeam Warlords of Draenor 6.2.4 V3

    I'm not the author of this server, I think not.
  18. After thousands of problems, it was decided to make 2 separate branches. 1 - the main branch ( 6.2 - 7.3 ) 2 - secondary ( 3.3.5 - 5.4.8 ) Bunch of problems with the database, work with Armory version of Draenor and above can not. This will be created specifically for this base of clothing and other things. Demo - 6.2 - 7.3 branch Demo - 3.3.5 - 5.4.8 branch
  19. По стандарту шаблон только один, если у вас есть навыки программирования Вы можете его поменять, к сожаления в магазин товары можно добавить только через базу.
  20. Wowhead Style Database

    Half of this will be located in the engine
  21. Установи PHP 7+
  22. [CPP] Grumbo'z VIP System

    Grumbo'z VIP Engine --Built Tested and Approved for TrinityCore C++-- Version 2.10 This is the VIP Engine with many cool adjustable features: This allows for an adjustable Max VIP level (default 6). Can be adjusted in your worldserver.conf. VIP can be increased by a one-time-use item. a simple item that will increase a player's VIP level +1 then gets removed from there inventory. if the player has already reached the Max VIP Level then the item responds accordingly and does nothing else. VIP can also be increased by Voting: Can be turned on/off in the worldserver.conf. An item that displays a players VIP stats `VIP Token`. a simple item that displays a players VIP stats but also will allow them access to other features by just possessing one in there inventory. Includes commands `.vip`: 3 different teleports: 2 mall teleports.(pre-stored faction mall, global mall) Global mall `.vip mall`. Faction mall `.vip home`. 1 player stored teleport.(player storeable) `.vip hearthstone`. scale command: `.vip change scale x` where x is a size between 0.1 to 10.0. morph command: `.vip morph x` where x is an id. demorph command: `.vip demorph` demorphs a character. repair command: `.vip repair` (Player Requirement : VIP Token) sql included. race, faction and char customizing commands: `.vip change race` use to change race. Requires a re-log. `.vip change faction` use to change character faction. Requires a re-log. `.vip change custom` use to recustomize your character. Requires a re-log. extra levels per VIP rank: Can be turned on/off in the conf. Creatures can drop mg: Use the custom `mg` entry in `creature_template`. (sql entries posted below) Use to set a base value of `mg` drop for selected creatures. A creature with an `mg` value of 0 wont drop `Magic Gold`. Use the custom `vip` entry in `creature_template`. The creature's VIP will be used as an added bonus, by using it as a random multiplier i.e (drop * urand(1, creature_vip)) the drop can be multiplied (1 to creature_vip) , after that the player's VIP level will be used as an added fixed multiplier i.e. (drop * urand(1, creature_vip) * player_vip_level) . setting a creatures VIP to 1 will allways produce a random 1 since its picking a random number from 1 to 1 lol. Items can require a minimum VIP rank to use: Use the custom `vip` entry in `item_template` to set a minimum required VIP level to equip the item. Pick-N-Choose feature system. easy to edit config's. >> TrinityCore rev. ad9e55d8fcb2+ 2016-02-25 .diff not updated << >> TrinityCore rev. fdc8b7b38a2a+ 2016-03-13 .diff << DropBox Link Grumbo'z VIP System Eluna Methods For those who enjoy the easy to use Eluna Engine I have added Methods for the Eluna Engine. Global Methods: Getters GetVIPMAX(); returns uint8 max VIP rank value. GetVIPVOTE_ENABLE(); returns bool value of ?can votes increase VIP rank?. GetVIPVOTECOUNT(); returns uint32 value of ?how many votes change VIP rank?. GetVIPCOINID(); returns the uint32 item id used for the VIP Coins. GetVIPSTONEID(); returns the uint32 item id used for the VIP stone. GetVIPMGID(); returns the uint32 item id used for the Magic Gold. GetVIPOFFSET(); returns float value used to influence stats. GetTALENTBONUS(); returns the uint8 values of how many extra TP per VIP rank. GetLEVELBONUS(); returns the uint8 value of how many extra levels per VIP rank. GetLEVELBONUS_ENABLE(); returns bool value of ?allow extra levels per VIP rank?. Setters No setters since all these values are set in the worldserver.conf file. Player Methods: Getters player:GetVIP(); returns uint8 value of a player's VIP rank; player:GetMG(); returns a uint32 value of a player's total stored mg. player:GetVOTES(); returns uint32 value of a players total votes. Setters player:SetVIP(uint8_value); changes a players VIP rank to the provided uint8 value . player:SetMG(uint32_value); sets a player's stored mg value to the provided uint32 value . player:SetVOTES(uint32_value); changes a players total vote count to the provided uint32 value . Item Methods: Getters item:GetItemVIP(); returns the uint8 value of an item's VIP Setters item:SetItemVIP(uint8_value); changes the item's VIP rank to the provided uint8 value . Creature Methods: Getters creature:GetCreatureVIP(); returns the uint8 value of a creature's VIP creature:GetCreatureMG(); returns the uint32 value of a creatures drop mg. Setters creature:SetCreatureVIP(uint8_value); changes the creature's VIP rank to the provided uint8 value . creature:SetcreatureMG(uint32_value); changes the creatures drop mg count to the provided uint32 value . >> ElunaLuaEngine Diff <<-- NOT updated --
  23. Version 1.7.0


    Would you like to create? - Game server - World of Warcraft - Use - Our script WowLegions perfect solution for this


  24. Download again website, please go to http://ts.mysticgn.com/install.php
  25. Admin panel is working at 40%

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